Making vacuum cleaner reviews is quite a novel thing for me. However, over the years I’ve encountered various electronic devices sold online and I just have enough knowledge in giving judgments about their total packaging. The nice thing about this job is to personally acquaint ourselves with the latest products that hit the market.

Like any other analysis I did for gadgets and beauty products such as beard trimmers, the task of vacuum cleaner reviews is an interesting twist. I have met different brands of vacuums including vacuums for pet hairs and I did not expect that there’s still a large supply of them waiting to be evaluated. One amazing vac that caught attention is the Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum. This high-tech cleaning device is a smooth integration of functionality and flexibility. Powered by WindTunnel Technology, this bagless canister vac comes out in a great design and digital speed control. It has a deluxe pump handle which allows you to control and operate the machine effortlessly. It holds 15 Power Nozzle feature and includes a filter (Hepa Filter) with one-year warranty.


With its design-savvy attribute, your cleaning capacity is reinforced thru its WindTunnel Technology. This state-of-the-art method uses uniquely designed air channels to make a powerful double air stream enhancing suction capabilities.  By using the latest Hoover vacuum, you won’t worry about scattered debris because the WindTunnel does the work. Dust particles are smartly picked up thru the bagless dirt bin and it doesn’t throw the dirt back to your floor covering. More than that, the Hepa Filter catches tiny irritants or pollutants making it easier to do the cleaning. Maneuvering is simply cool with its large, soft wheels that allow the compact 12-amp vacuum to play just like an android. Above all, you should be glad that it possesses electronic power buttons, changeable suction and agitator action speed for your carpets. Tools are effortlessly fastened to the telescoping wand, providing you a snappy switch from cleaning floors to using drape and cushioning tools.  With its awesome ergonomics and functionality aspects, Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum picks more dirt from than any other vacuum.

Product Pros

For most customers who have tested Hoover’s latest vacuum, the clash of pros and cons is quite low because the advantages are probably superior. The reviews unveiled that many have switched to using Hoover WindTunnel based on its functionality and ergonomics. Here’s what our dear customers told about the product, let’s try to find out if this is the best vacuum cleaner you are looking for.

  • Excellent suction performance and very forceful beater bar.
  • Great design with finger-touch controls.
  • Quick and easy access to the telescoping wand and accessories.
  • Automatic cord knockback
  • Handgrip suction, motorized beater brush
  • It’s bagless
  • Very convenient to use
  • Good flexible hose
  • Well-suited handle for carry
  • Dust bin is easy to void
  • Good price value

Product Cons

Personally, I can hardly see major disadvantages about this useful vacuum cleaner. However, I could point out few drawbacks that might have to be improved by the innovator.

Frankly, not all the tools are integrated on the unit.
It doesn’t have an electronic dirt detector.
Small and poorly-designed brush and wand accessories.
The brush has very short inflexible bristles which don’t work well on ceiling fans, window blinds, etc.
You need to constantly empty the dust bin-that’s quite disappointing.


The quest for the ultimate cleaning device gradually leads us to a more extensive study and analysis. As a wise consumer, choosing your ideal vac may rest on a specific factor but I have to say that it concerns every aspect of the product. Perhaps you have read different reviews about these items, but you don’t really need to be on a rush.  Hoover WindTunnel Cannister Vacuum is recommendable because the price is worth the quality. Feature-wise, you can get the vacuum cleaner points from this great device. As what others have spoken out, with just few tweaks; it could be the ultimate machine in its line.