Coming To America

I’m pleased to say that Raymond Chandler: A Mysterious Something In The Light is to be published in America in Autumn 2013 by Chicago Review Press. They’re a wonderful publisher and I’m very excited to be working with them. It also gives me a chance to add a couple of recent discoveries to the book too.


I’ll post again once I have a publication date.

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About Tom

I was born in Newcastle but now live in London. I have written a biography of Raymond Chandler called A Mysterious Something In The Light: The Life of Raymond Chandler. It's published in the UK by Aurum Press and in the United States by Chicago Review Press. When not writing, I work as a literary agent at The Williams Agency.

  • Owen Hill

    Dear Tom Williams–My name is Owen HIll. I read and deeply enjoyed your Chandler Bio. I do some reviewing and, hopefully, I’ll get to write something about it when the US edition comes out. I’m also one of three annotators who will be working on a new annotated edition of The Big Sleep that Random House is planning. I would love the chance to ask you a few questions when the project gets going (contracts are pending but it seems the deal is done). All I can offer in return is an acknowledgement when the book comes out. But since I consider your bio the best I would like for us to be in touch. All best and thanks, Owen

  • Owen Hill

    Ps Best to reach me at

  • Darrell kastin

    Dear Tom, I have a postcard sent from Italy and signed ray Chandler. It looks very much like Raymond Chandler’s signature. I have several letters by him. But it’s fated 1922, and nowhere do I find mention of him spending time in Italy round that period. Do you know of any time he spent there round that time? I very much look forward to reading your book. Just got it, in fact! Best, Darrell

    • twilliams81

      Hi Darrell,

      Sorry for the late response to this. How interesting. I’m very jealous of your collection! In 1922 Chandler was living in LA and I have never come across any reference to a visit to Italy at that time. He did visit in 1958 though, staying in Naples. I’m not sure if that helps as 1922 / 1958 aren’t exactly easy dates to confuse. If you’d like to share a photo of the letter, do email me (contact details can be found in About). I’d be fascinated to take a look.

      Thanks for buying the book. I really hope you enjoy reading it!



      • Darrell kastin

        Hi, Tom. Did you get the scans i sent? What do you think of the postcard?