Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer Pro (Qt4070) is an award-winning product. It is a stubble trimmer that is designed for those who want the best trimming outcomes. It features a vacuum system that captures the cut hair thus facilitating cleanliness at all times.

What makes it so unique?

In the market there are different types of trimmers that perform the same purposes as this brand but none of them appears to be superior. Its superiority and uniqueness is attributed to the following features:

1. It is a mess-free product 

Perhaps you have been wondering how you can eliminate hair-covered sinks after trimming. With this reputable trimmer, the integrated vacuum system captures the hair as you shave thus leaving a clean sink. It achieves that without the need to carry out maintenance procedures such as oiling. Even though it is a maintenance-free product, users should always expect high performances.

2. Its cutting speed has been improved 

If you have always been bored by slow performing tools, this best beard trimmer 2014 will never let you down. Its cutting speed has been improved –thanks to the Turbo power button. The button should not scare anyone since its operation does not require a person to possess any prior knowledge or experience. All a person needs to do is to press the button and the speed will be boosted. It is an ideal product for thicker hair since it can perform quickly. Continue Reading ->